Macquarie Group:
Diversity statement


Macquarie Group has an ongoing commitment to workplace diversity and inclusion – it’s part of our culture.

In everything it does, Macquarie seeks to build diverse and inclusive teams. Not because we think we should, but because we know that diverse teams deliver richer insights, greater innovation and ultimately better outcomes for our clients, our shareholders, the communities around us and our people.

Particularly relevant today is one of our ongoing diversity objectives, which is to find ways of increasing the number of women and other traditionally under-represented groups at all levels of the Macquarie workforce.

The under-representation of women in senior finance roles is an issue that’s common across the business community, and Macquarie is no exception.

We recognise it’s an issue that, in part, is driven by broader societal factors that will take some time to address, but we also know there’s a lot we can be doing too.

We’re actively employing a number of strategies to overcome this, which are resulting in some great progress. For example:

  • We’ve seen a year on year increase in female representation across Macquarie’s total workforce, as well as at the most senior levels of the organisation  

  • One-quarter of our Executive Committee and 36.4% of Macquarie’s Board of Directors are female

  • The majority of all roles filled globally during our 2018 financial year had at least one female candidate on the shortlist and one or more female Macquarie staff on the interview panel

  • Further to this, of the 528 graduates and interns we hired in 2018, there was a 50/50 gender balance

Macquarie continues to embed the principles of diversity and inclusion into everything it does, combined with an ongoing focus on accountability and measurement.