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Future IM/Pact has helped hundreds of young people from diverse backgrounds learn how the can impact the world, solve complex problems and work in a collaborative team environment through a career in investment management.

Given the lack of women in front-office investing teams, our focus is on attracting more women into this influential profession.

We provide meaningful learning and networking opportunities, which allow us to build a top talent pool that our partners access to fill their junior investment roles.

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Future IM/Pact exists to inform, inspire and enable future female investors

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We inform university students and those in their early career about investment management; how they can impact the world in this industry; and provide the tools and resources to support and advance their career.

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Our goal is to inspire young women to build a passion for this fascinating industry; and to inspire people at all levels of investment management about what they can do to support the future of the industry by nurturing new talent.

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Enabling future female investors to up-skill, network, and gain the knowledge and support they need to launch their investment management career is our endgame.

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What they're saying

"The mentoring sessions were extremely insightful and I loved learning and listening to everyone’s questions and experiences. I have definitely widened my understanding of the industry and will definitely continue to read those amazing resources on the book club lists – looking forward to the next one!"
Trisha Tan
“Participation in the mentoring circle was very rewarding and huge fun. The young women came with open intelligent minds, eager to participate and share in a wide range of topic areas.”
Maryanne Drewe
"Future IM/Pact provided us with exceptional female talent. We had a very fast turnaround and the quality of candidates was excellent."
Will Brown
Talent Acquisition and Development Partner, Jarden
“Mercer was lucky enough to take on a summer intern through Future IM/Pact and we were thrilled with their contribution to our business.”
Kylie Willment
Chief Investment Officer, Mercer Australia