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Future IM/Pact's partners comprise some of the country's leading investors. Here they share advice on how to kick-start your career in this exciting profession.

Investment management experts

Winnie Wong
Senior Investment Analyst
"Investment management is an impactful industry that helps deliver a secure financial future for the ultimate benefit of our society. I love being intellectually stimulated and working with amazing talent with diverse quantitative and qualitative skillsets."
Carly Marsh
Government Strategist
"In my role I have exposure to the different perspectives of a number of our clients who are making investment decisions that are typically very important to their business. The current investment landscape is constantly evolving which means there is always some really interesting issues to think about and develop an understanding of. Many of the issues we face as investors are complex and require learning from history whilst also understanding the current unique circumstances. These challenges result in many thought-provoking debates and keen interest as we watch how these issues develop over time."
Tessa Calligeros
Strategist - ESG
"Working within an investment team allows you to make a real positive impact on individuals or organisations balance sheets. The work is broad, challenging and exciting."
‍Ligia Zevallos
Senior Investment Analyst
Listed Assets at HESTA
‍“I recommend subscribing to a credible global market news source like Reuters, Bloomberg or the Financial Times – read what you find interesting. Investments markets are continuously changing, evolving and reacting to global events (politics, consumer/business sentiment, central bank policies, supply/demand dynamics etc), this career keeps you connected to the world. It’s exciting!
Will Macaulay
Investment Manager – Unlisted Assets
“I studied a niche scientific discipline (animal behaviour) and realised I didn’t want a career in academia. I had no idea what the commercial world looked like, so I applied to every firm taking graduates that I could think of: accounting, consulting, engineering, and banking. Ultimately, I was offered a role that promised me a lot of variety and training, and a new city – I took the role for the opportunity to see a different side of the world (and procrastinate on ‘growing up’). Many years later I’ve had a rewarding career that has seen me travel all over the globe, and given me responsibility for the retirement savings of hundreds of thousands of ordinary people. I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve done so far.”
Jim Christensen
State Chief Investment Officer
“[To secure a career in investment management] you will almost certainly need to undertake tertiary studies in finance, economics and/or quantitative disciplines such as mathematics and engineering. Double degrees, often with studies at honours level, are now becoming prerequisites for entry level roles. Achieving this first step is a considerable commitment. So, gaining some work experience at an early age, even if it is unpaid, or possibly an internship with an Investment Management company or a firm related to the investment industry will help in deciding if you wish to pursue such a career. If you choose this path, the passion will not fade, and the hours will pass quickly.”

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