Case Study: AustralianSuper

Acting on behalf of our 2.2 million members, AustralianSuper successfully partnered with IFM Investors in an innovative all-Australian bid for a majority ownership interest in Ausgrid from the NSW Government.

AustralianSuper invested in Ausgrid, Australia’s largest electricity network, in 2016. Ausgrid plays a critical role in the community, delivering electricity to around 1.7 million homes and businesses around Sydney and the Hunter Valley.

The success of the transaction hinged on our ability to leverage our size, internal capabilities and industry networks to act quickly to evaluate, price and fund the transaction.

Ausgrid is AustralianSuper’s largest individual investment, and underpins our growing portfolio of direct infrastructure assets that together aim to deliver stable, attractive returns to members over the long term.

How the team works together

The Ausgrid acquisition was large and complex, with multiple workstreams and stakeholders. Our ‘One Fund’ approach enabled us to bring together and utilise the skills and insights of a diverse range of investment professionals to make decisions that create long-term value for members.

Hear from a team member

Working on the Ausgrid acquisition was a career highlight. I worked in a cross-functional team that negotiated the commercial terms of the transaction. This unique hands-on experience provided me with real insights into the breadth of skills and collaboration required to assess and execute large scale infrastructure investments in an unprecedented timeframe.

Serlina Chu, Senior Analyst, Investments Legal

Key figures

  • In a successful partnership with IFM Investors, AustralianSuper made a $2.2 billion investment into Ausgrid.
  • Ausgrid is AustralianSuper’s largest individual investment.
  • Ausgrid is Australia’s largest electricity network and delivers electricity to 1.7 million homes and businesses around Sydney and the Hunter Valley.
  • Partially driven by cost savings under private ownership, Ausgrid in its latest regulatory proposal has put forward a 6% reduction in tariffs for its customers.

About AustralianSuper

Number of employees:


Locations of offices:

Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, London and Beijing

Key areas of impact your fund focuses on:

AustralianSuper invests in a broad array of assets whose growth is linked to the real economy. This includes real estate, infrastructure and a range of equity securities in listed and unlisted markets across sectors including IT, healthcare, consumer and industrials.

Graduate job title, salary range and role requirements:

Graduate Analysts will have successfully completed the AustralianSuper Internship Program; have a university degree (any discipline) with strong results; and further study is recommended but not compulsory (eg Masters, Honours, CFA).