Cbus Super:
A diversity statement from our CIO


— Kristian Fok
CIO, Cbus Super

Diversity not only makes sense but there is empirical evidence to show that organisations who exhibit diversity in the workforce outperform those who don’t. At Cbus we are building a team that is cognitively diverse and we are benefiting from the fact that more than half of the team have had experience working overseas, 40% of the team speak a language other than English, 40% of the team are women and 20% have had some kind of board or board advisory experience. 

In building a more diverse team at Cbus we have challenged our thinking on our recruitment processes and flexibility of working locations and hours. We ensure all job advertisements utilise gender neutral language, and that short lists and recruitment panels are both gender balanced. We are connecting staff through improved technology which allows us to offer flexibility to our people regarding when and where they work, not only resulting in higher levels of employee engagement but a wider pool of talent for us to select from.

Our focus on gender equity means that our CEO as a male champion of change is currently working with the business and industry peers to understand more deeply the conditions and culture that enable women to thrive and succeed into leadership positions. Aligned with this, we have this year launched our first female sponsorship program focusing on the collective development of both male sponsors and female participants to significantly improve inclusive and diverse leadership across the Fund, with the ultimate aim of increasing the number of women in senior leadership positions. 

Cbus also addresses diversity via the lens of flexible work. After being one of the first companies awarded the Flex Able Certification through Work180 (previously DCC Jobs), we continue to push the boundaries of flexible working as part of the way we work at Cbus. Last year Cbus was the recipient of the AHRI 2017 Elizabeth Broderick Workforce Flexibility Award in recognition of our increased focus on a holistic approach to working flexibly which included improvements to management capability in handling requests for flexibility, improved technology, contemporary policy creation and implementation, training and support for managers; and very importantly role modelling, particularly by senior managers. 

Creating cognitive diversity in my team is something I am very passionate about as I know without a doubt that it enhances performance.