Case Study: HESTA

The HESTA Social Impact Investment Trust (SIIT) invests in opportunities that have a measurable positive social impact while meeting risk/return objectives

A fund created in partnership with Social Ventures Australia (SVA), the SIIT currently invests in social and affordable housing and state of the art aged care facilities. Programs that restore children to the care of their families and help people experiencing homelessness to find and maintain stable accommodation are also part of the fund.

In addition to generating returns for our members, this work allows HESTA to drive long-term meaningful social change on issues impacting our community as well as our members.

How the team works together

SVA and HESTA work collaboratively on the investments within the fund. SVA is responsible for the due diligence and HESTA does the analysis to ensure the underlying investments meet our risk/return objectives.

Hear from a team member

Working on the SIIT has allowed me to develop specialist knowledge in social and affordable housing, social impact bonds and disability housing where I can help drive scale by influencing how these investments are structured. My hope is that this will then lead to more institutional money being invested in the sector.

Josephine Toral, Senior Investment Analyst
- Unlisted Assets

Key figures

AUD $70 million committed to social impact investments through Social Ventures Australia (SVA).


Number of employees:


Locations of offices:

Melbourne (investment team), Sydney (investment team), Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Hobart.

Key areas of impact your fund focuses on:

Climate change, gender diversity and equality, healthcare. 

Graduate job title, salary range and role requirements:

Graduate roles are assessed on an individual basis and would be employed under our Enterprise Agreement.