A diversity statement from our Head of Investments


— Gerald Stack
Head of Investments, Magellan

Diversity in the workplace is something that the investment management industry can clearly improve.  Magellan’s founding membership of ‘Future IM/Pact’ reflects our desire to encourage and support diversity.

Magellan is committed to workplace diversity and recognises the value of attracting and retaining high achieving employees with different backgrounds, knowledge, experience and skills. Diversity is taken seriously at Magellan and our Board has set measurable objectives across the company.  At 30 June 2017 women accounted for 40% of the group’s employees and 50% of Magellan’s heads of divisions. 

We value diversity across its many dimensions with a particular focus on gender diversity.  We believe that diversity of experiences, backgrounds and ways of thinking will give us a more nuanced understanding and identification of investment opportunities, disruptive threats, and the inherent strengths of the companies we intend to invest in. 

Investment management is an ongoing quest to identify simplicity and wisdom in a complex world and, at Magellan, people are central to this battle.  Our team comes to work each day armed with their curiosity, their intellect, and their experiences to find the answers to the investment issues we identify.  While a rigorous investment process can help identify and assess investment issues, we believe that a diverse team brings a richer and broader array of experiences and perspectives which enhances the ability of the team to understand what the future may hold.