A diversity statement from our CEO


— Damien Frawley

At QIC, we believe that an inclusive culture, where every voice is valued and respected, allows us to attract and retain the best talent. We believe diverse teams out-perform and group think is a major risk we need to mitigate. It is our people’s talent that generate exceptional investment returns for our clients and our inclusive culture that allows us to embrace the future to set QIC up for sustainable success.

At QIC, we value all forms of diversity and we strive to create a culture that is high performing. We are passionate about that and this is underpinned by a real care for our people and our clients.

As CEO, I know that our people achieve their best when they feel valued and encouraged to bring their true self to work every day. For us, diversity is the value and respect of all difference as it is this difference that generates innovation, inclusion, and sustained business success.

And while diversity and inclusion can come in all shapes and forms, at QIC we focus on the following areas:

  • Leadership - It is the accountability of all leaders at QIC to create and foster an inclusive culture where individual differences are embraced and valued.
  • Personal accountability – Everyone at QIC is expected to be inclusive, respectful and embracing of the unique talents and perspectives each of us brings.
  • Recruiting the best – We want to continue to attract exceptional and diverse talent to our business.
  • Developing our people – We implement and deliver programs to assist in the professional development of all of our people so they can achieve their career goals and aspirations.
  • Embracing flexible work practices – For us, it’s about outcomes not outputs and making sure our people maintain a work-life balance
  • Taking a stand on issues such as family and domestic violence, and;
  • Monitoring and measuring our progress.

Building and sustaining a truly diverse and inclusive culture at QIC is driven through strong leadership, effective corporate governance and engaging deeply with our people. 

Our Diversity and Inclusion working group, whose membership includes representatives from all of our teams, helps us to shape our focus, provide real feedback to the QIC Board and Executive, and ensures that QIC’s pursuit of a truly diverse and inclusive workforce is embraced and sustained.