Case Study: Wavestone Capital

Wavestone Capital investments in quality companies with a sustainable competitive advantage. We incorporate environmental, social and governance issues into our process when analysing companies.

Our aim is to deliver superior returns to the Australian stock market by using our Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) process.

How the team works together

As an analyst, you have accountability for a group of stocks that are within certain industries and you become the team’s expert on those stocks.  The team use your knowledge and SCA process to pick the highest quality stocks offering the most upside for our portfolios.

Hear from a team member

Working in Australian equities allows you to work as part of a high performing team. Your day includes analysing industries, meeting company management and making decisions on buying and/or selling that company’s stock. Every day is different which is what I love about the job! Did I mention that you also get to travel overseas to research your companies?
— Catherine Allfrey, Principal and co-Founder

Catherine Allfrey, Principal and co-Founder

Key figures

  • Funds Under Management are $4.25bn.
  • Since inception in 2006, our Absolute Return fund has delivered 238% for our investors compared to the Australian stockmarket’s return of 94%.
  • Since inception in 2014, the WaveStone Australian Share fund has delivered 58% for our investors vs the market’s return of 41%.

About Wavestone Capital

Number of employees:


Locations of offices:


Key areas of impact your fund focuses on:

Australian equities.

Graduate job title, salary range and role requirements:

Investment Analyst, Salary Range A$80,000 – A$125,000 plus bonus.  We  require Graduate degree and a Masters of Finance or Chartered Financial Analyst.

Wavestone Capital Founders

Wavestone Capital Founders